Iron and Chaos

Iron and Chaos is a series of system-neutral Swords and Sorcery mini-settings that can be put together to create an entire world of grim swordsmen, cunning thieves, cruel gods, and dark sorcery. This dangerous and barbaric land is presented in a modular and open-ended format, allowing you to use whatever parts of the setting you like with the game of your choice.

Each Iron and Chaos setting book  details a different city-state, kingdom, or world area. Books currently in development include:

  • The Theocracy of the White Ziggurat: An enigmatic religious order attempts to impose the will of their merciless god over the inhabitants of an emerging city-state while demon cults practice foul rituals in forgotten tombs.
  • The Southern Deserts: A militant nation rises to power in the unforgiving desert, presenting a common foe to the feuding emirates who have long held control over the region.
  • The Jungle Cities of Zaros: A decadent ruling class is threatened by rebellion, corruption, and their own arrogance as the tribal people they conquered long ago prepare to reclaim their home.

Iron and Chaos is rapidly approaching the play testing phase. If you are interested in being a play tester, drop me a line.

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