Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lurguz: A Character for Fate Core

Lurguz was made with the Fate Core role-playing system for use with Iron and Chaos game setting.



  • High concept:  Former Caravan Guard
  • Trouble: Branded With the Criminal's Mark
  • Defended Village From Raiders as a Youth
  • Traveled the Roads of Agaran Protecting Wealthy Merchants
  • Sentenced to Forced Labor by the White Ziggurat for Another Man's Crimes 


  • Great (+4) : Fight
  • Good (+3) : Athletics, Notice
  • Fair (+2) :  Contacts, Physique
  • Average (+1) : Will


  • Well Traveled: Can use Contacts instead of Lore when applied to matters of travel and geography.
  • Bodyguard: Gain a +2 bonus when using Fight to physically attack someone who is attacking someone else.
  • Intimidating: Can use Physique instead of Provoke to overcome or create advantages when attempting to coerce through the threat of violence, real or implied.


  • Refresh: 3
  • Physical Stress Slots: 6
  • Mental Stress Slots: 4

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