Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Coming Soon -- 20 Warriors for Hire

I'm wrapping up production on a new fantasy OSR supplement called 20 Warriors for Hire. 

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Within these pages you will find twenty down on their luck warriors who are looking for work. They will be more than happy to join the group as hirelings, henchmen, mercenaries, or meat shields.

These warriors are presented without levels, names, or overly specific backgrounds and physical details. It's up to you to give them a name and - if you choose - a more detailed background and physical description. These warriors were designed this way so that you so that you can describe their names, detailed appearances and specific backgrounds to fit your game world, They are presented without levels so that you can match them up to whatever level hirelings the PCs might need.,

20 Warriors for Hire also includes a simple morale system for hirelings, with a few optional rules that can be used to add a bit`more depth and variation to morale and loyalty dynamics within the adventuring group.

.If you're players are not in need of hirelings, you can always use this rag-tag bunch of sell-swords to create bandits, outlaws, enemies, or even replacement characters when things take a turn for the worse and someone needs replacement  character A.S.A.P..

Here is the list of Warriors for hire, minus a few entries. that still require a bit more work.
  • 1. Battered Veteran
  • 2. Boastful Knight
  • 3. Conscripted Farmer
  • 4. Grizzled Miner
  • 5. Foreign explorer
  • 6. Gruff Crossbowman
  • 7. Disfigured Hunter
  • 8. Failed Sentry
  • 9. Unemployed Mercenary
  • 10. Desperate Farmer
  • 11. Disgraced Nobleman
  • 12. Refugee Militiaman
  • 13. Destitute Innkeeper
  • 14. Dissatisfied Farrier
  • 15.
  • 16. Blacksmith's Apprentice
  • 17. Livestock Farmer
  • 18.
  • 19. Hound Keeper
  • 20. Former Sailor
You can read some of their profiles below.

Battered Veteran
This former soldier's old wounds forced him to retire. He has grown tired of sitting around taverns swapping war stories, and his meager savings have run out. Despite his bad leg and declining health, he can still swing a sword and haul loot. He has poor manners and loves to tell crude jokes, but he is extremely loyal and can offer useful advice gleaned from years of battlefield experience.
  • Motivation: Camaraderie, adventure, wealth.
  • Morale:+2
  • STR 14, INT 12, WIS 13, DEX 7, CON 9, CHA 10
  • Gear: Spear, short sword, knife, shield, studded leather armor, backpack, tinderbox, blanket, 3 days iron rations, water skin.

Boastful Knight
This fast talking former knight has sold off most of his possessions save for a few treasures that he just can't bear to part with. He is a competent warrior, but he greatly exaggerates his own ability. He is loyal as long as he is paid well and isn't asked to do anything suicidal. If things get bad, he might desert the group.
  • Motivation: Restoration of his honor, wealth, glorious battle that ends with victory..
  • Morale: 0 (-3 if Faced with imminent death)
  • STR 15, INT 9, WIS 10, DEX 13, CON 15, CHA 14
  • Gear: Long sword, dagger, shield, chain mail, helmet, backpack, silver mirror, tinder box, shaving kit and razor, jeweled snuff box, 2 bottles of wine.

Conscripted Farmer
This big ox of a man was a farmer until he was conscripted into military service. The war is over and he doesn't know how to do anything but grow wheat, lift heavy things, and bash heads. He is a slow learner and often lacks common sense, but he is happy to help with any task, no matter how menial or life threatening. He is very loyal, but he has a fear of magic that might cause him to panic at the worst possible moment.
  • Motivation: Desire to feel useful, friendship, wealth.
  • Morale: +1 (-3 when faced with magic/supernatural)
  • STR 17, INT 8, WIS 6, DEX 11, CON 16, CHA 5
  • Gear: Spear, knife, club, leather armor, large sack, blanket, 4 days rations, water skin.

Grizzled Miner
This short, stocky man used to work as a miner. He had to leave his last job after he was accused of murdering three of his fellow workers in a drunken brawl. He is a hard worker, and his knowledge of mines and caves will come in handy until he tries to kill the rest of the group and loot their corpses.
  • Motivation: Wealth, Survival at any Cost, Murdering his Employers.
  • Morale: -2
  • STR 15, INT 12, WIS 12, DEX 9, CON 13, CHA 8
  • Gear: Mining pick, small hammer, knife, club, studded leather armor, backpack, lantern, tinderbox, 12 candles, 2 flasks of oil, 50 feet of rope, 12 iron spikes.

Comments? Thoughts? Do the "vague" NPCs add or detract from the usefulness in your game? 


  1. A suggested name would be nice, even if it's *after* the archetype. Like "Grizzled Miner (Suggested Name: Gradgrind Kilrong)"

  2. Since you ask for comments, I will give you my opinion:

    1) If it is meant to be a GM's help, everything should be in it, to spare the GM tedious preparation work. So, there should be stat-blocks included.
    2) Make two things: First a list of the 20 descriptions, with only motivations and morale modifiers added to the text. Then, do stat-block with everything in them, including levels, hit-points, ability scores, equipment, etc. The idea would be that the GM chooses a description and then a relevant stat-block.
    3) Adding list of names and nicknames to choose from, would also ease the GM job.
    4) Making stat-blocks for different games may not hurt (say for a basic gae such as LoftP or S&W, for Osric, and for FH&W, would cover much of the needs.)