Friday, October 16, 2015

"Find Familiar" for OSR Games


It all started simply enough. I was having a rough bout of insomnia, so I decided to see what was new on Google Plus. I was reading the Delving Deeper Google Plus page when I came across what I assumed at the time to be quick projects: Mike Hill wanted to know if anyone had a good Find Familiar spell from an old version of D&D.
I quickly grabbed my OSR books, mostly retro clones with the appropriate licenses allowing me to legally share and publish this little book you‘re now holding in your hands, and flipped through what I assumed would be pages upon pages of usable information that would undoubtedly give birth to a whirlwind of amazing ideas! I have discovered that, with a few rare exceptions such as OSRIC, most of the retro clones and OSR game out there don‘t have any rules or even guidelines for using familiars. I certainly have had an interesting time tracking down and compiling all the rules you will need for using familiars in your game. This book contains my take on familiars, made with the original source material from the 1970s in mind, updated and expanded for use with OSR and Classic Fantasy games.
This project went from “I can whip something up in a few minutes “to "Holy smokes! There are so many more ideas and possibilities I could include" These kind of books always end turning out to be the most fun, satisfying and useful supplements. 
With that in mind, I felt the need to put out a Beta version. This way, you can get the basic Familiar system and help me fine tune and expand upon this supplement through advice, critiques, and suggestions. 
This is Beta version 3.0.0... The final version will include additional types of familiars, magic items that aid in the summoning and retaining of familiars and new spells to strengthen the bond between you and your animal companion. 
If you have any ideas, suggestions, comments, constructive criticism, or anything else, please drop me a line on my blog.

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