Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oil of Undead Repellent and Holy Rations

Are you facing the prospect of a length expedition into the depths of some forgotten tomb crawling with the undead? This Oil of Undead Repellent and Holy Rations may be just what you need to make it back alive.

Oil, Undead Repellent

Undead repellent is a mixture of consecrated oils, incenses and herbs that good religions consider holy. A single phial of undead repellent is enough to cover a person for 2d4 hours. For as long
as the substance remains in effect, they gain a +2 bonus to AC against undead creatures, plus a +2 bonus on all turning checks and turning damage rolls made when attempting to turn undead. An
undead spellcaster within 60' of a character coated in undead repellent must succeed on a saving throw versus paralysis to cast any spell.. 

  • 75 gp, 1 lb

Rations, Holy

Holy rations have been blessed by the will of the divine. Though it is food, the magical nature of holy rations food preserves them, so that it can last decades without spoiling.and immediately destroys any poisons, toxins, and anything else. which may taint the food. Additionally, consuming at least one meal of Holy Rations during the course of the day will increase your daily HP recovery by 1 point,  
  • Per day: 15 gp, 1 lb

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